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Departments and their functions
M/s Aska Cooperative Sugar Industries Ltd. is a seasonal in nature. The manpower engaged on Permanent, Seasonal and Casual in natures in 17 no’s of sections. At present 245 as permanent, 308 as seasonal and 11 as casual employee are engaged.

The all statutory labour laws like, Minimum Wages Act 1948, Payment of Wages Act 1936, Factories Act 1948, Orissa Industrial (National & Festival Holidays) Act 1965, Workmen’s Compensation Act 1973, Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, Payment of Bonus Act 1965, Provident Fund Security Act, Industrial Dispute Act 1947 etc are applicable in this Industry. Besides that the employees are governed and regulated by Certified Standing Orders of the Industry and Employees’ Conduct & Service Rules, Transfer Rules of the Industry. There are 7 no’s of departments their functions are as below:
General Administration
This is the department to watch and control the activities of all other departments involved in the business activities of the Industry.
a. GAD Office:
File processing, Maintenance of Personal files of Employees’, Rules, Agenda, Resolutions and Proceedings of Board Meeting.
b. Type:
Job work of all sections made with type machine manually.
c. Diary & Dispatch:
Records, handles the receipt and issue of Letter of Industry.
d. Share:
Maintaining register for nominal members, share holders, voters’ list etc.
e. Motor Vehicle:
Maintaining record for vehicle movement, receipt & expenditure and Analysis reports etc.
f. Printing Press:
Printing different, forms, receipts, vouchers, registers etc manually.
g. Marketing:
The department maintaining records for sale of the products like sugar, spirit, bagasse and scrap. Deals with the government departments like Central / State Excise, Sales tax, vendors etc.
Personnel Management
a. Time Office:
This is the Establishment department of the Industry which maintains record of shift arrangement, day-to-day attendance, leave, provident fund, salary, leave salary, over time, production incentive, bonus, deductions, employment, transfer, quarter allotment, retirement, gratuity, apprentice, identity card, information to different Government pockets etc.
b. Watch & Ward:
This department is the part of administration for keeping internal peace, watch against theft, fire, gate-in and gate-out of goods, visitors as well as employees.
c. Dispensary:
The Industry is having a dispensary for providing First aid as well as treatment of common diseases to employees as well as farmers.
d. Computer Cell:
Industry is having a centralized computer room which simplifies complex business process, leading to better productivity and more efficient planning of resources.
This section maintains the account of the receipts and payments of the Industry. This office also maintains the accounts of sugarcane growers for their agreement, input loan, reimbursement, seed cane and sugarcane bills.
Cane Development
Sugarcane is the basic raw material of this Industry. For its better management in respect to planting, procurement and plant protection etc this section handles the process.
Materials Management
a. Purchase:
This is the department to procure all kind of materials and dealing with the suppliers by way of required rapid maintenance as per the need of the departments.

b. General Store:
The department maintains receipt, stock and issue records for 8699 items at present.
Sugar being the main product, byproducts such as molasses, rectified spirit, country sprit, press mud and bagasse are also produced. Country spirit is the most profitable product processed from Molasses.

At present the laboratory calculations, steam calculations, evaporator calculations, other calculations, and Daily manufacturing report, Record of production shift / batch/quantity- wise and Central Excise returns are maintained.
The department undertakes repairing, overhauling, installation and construction work in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil.

Maintains record for shifts, job chart, job card, machinery items, maintenance, consumption, work order, employee performance, projects and drawings etc.
Paperless office
In the recent years our organization has successfully executed the LAN system to make the work simpler for Payroll, Accounts, Store, Purchase, Marketing, Share and the Cane department.
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